Hear What Industry Professionals Have to Say about TEFLPros


Name: Travis
Education: MA in Philosophy, CELTA
From: USA
Taught in: USA, Europe, Asia

“In the field of TEFL, there is no one degree, course, or certification that will completely prepare you for teaching abroad. Most of your learning will be done on the ground and will require a great deal of self-analysis and reflection. What I like about TEFLPros’ curriculum, is that it does a solid job of training new teachers how to think about teaching—how to analyze and criticize their own performance as a teacher—so that they can ultimately be successful in a variety of educational environments around the world.”

Name: Demelza
Education: MA in Education
From: Australia
Taught in: Australia and SE Asia

“I’m an experienced EFL teacher with my Master’s in Education and I wish a course like this had been around when I got certified! The combination of video, audio and written media makes for a well-rounded presentation of TEFL. TEFLPros graduates will be well prepared and qualified to work at schools around the world.”


Name: Ruby
Education: BS in Biomedical Science, TESOL
From: Thailand
Taught in: SE Asia

“The TEFLPros 120 Hour Digital TEFL Course reinvigorated my love of teaching. The course covers exactly the same material as an in-person course, but with the flexibility working mothers like myself would appreciate. The combination of solid coursework delivered via Jos and Whitney’s down-to-earth style would make anyone new to teaching feel comfortable and confident stepping into the classroom. I am excited for anyone who chooses to embark on this course!”

Name: Matt
Education: DELTA certification
From: UK
Taught in: Europe and Asia

“I am a DELTA qualified teacher who has taught for the last 5 years in Europe and Asia. I have taught monolingual and multilingual classes with students from all over the world and at all levels from Elementary to Advanced, in regular group, one-to-one, and business classes as well as English for Academic Purposes and exam preparation.

“The materials I have seen of this course encourage teachers to be systematic in and critical of their methodology in order to continually evolve as teachers. The blend of media used to deliver the materials helps to maintain interest and can only help as a tool to advance any teacher’s professional development.”

Meg Africa 2

Name: Meg
Education: BA in English and French, MA in Public Health
From: USA
Taught in: Africa – Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Save the Children Program Director

“Development work is my life passion. If you’re interested in doing development work in education, TEFLPros has created a course that will prepare you to be a great teacher. English teachers are in demand not only in cosmopolitan areas, but also in rural communities where you can have a huge impact. This course gives cultural tips and lots of personal anecdotes that will help you adjust to life and teaching abroad. TEFLPros can help you make a difference.”

Hear What Our Graduates Have To Say About TEFLPros

Name: Cherie
From: The Netherlands

“I honestly love this course. It’s so clear. It’s professional and all the modules are so helpful. You’re working towards a goal and when you reach your goal, it’s so rewarding! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach English as a foreign language.”

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Name: Andrew
From: UK

“The course is a very thorough and in-depth exploration of teaching English as a foreign language using various well produced media. It will support and augment your current knowledge and contextualize the subject material to enable you to succeed. Through this course, you will be well prepared to involve yourself in the classroom environment with the responsibility it demands. Because you want to know that the skills you are learning are relevant and practical, I would highly recommend enrollment and hope you start enjoying your studies with TEFLPros.”

Name: Damian
From: USA

“I loved being able to finish this course at my own pace. I learned more about being a teacher in a month than I did from my 5 previous months of teaching! The course prep material provided by TEFLPros was a wealth of knowledge. I feel that this course truly prepared me for the classroom!”

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.58.28 PM
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.02.38 PM

Name: Katie
From: USA

“Jocelyn and Whitney made taking my course through TEFLPros such an awesome experience. The class was fun, right to the point, and informative. The team also made themselves available for questions whenever I had them. TEFLPros gives you everything you need to know for teaching abroad, and I feel ready and equipped to do so!”

Name: Mike
From: UK

“Whitney and Jos offer a fantastic course that is interactive and manages to incorporate the different learning styles that we recognize to be important factors when learning new material. Having already attempted one TEFL course online which was effectively a “wall-of-text” style of delivery method, the TEFLPros method of providing written, audio, and visual content made it much easier to follow and commit to memory. I can still hear them explaining content in my head today, whilst visualizing the lesson plans given in the videos at the same time.

“Their relaxed delivery method makes it easy to absorb the content, and I feel like I’ve learned many important aspects of being a real teacher, rather than simply memorizing content to pass a test. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting a useful, easy-to-follow accredited TEFL course.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.05.57 PM
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.08.16 PM copy

Name: Julie
From: The Philippines

“I thought taking an online TEFL course was only about modules and modules and more modules but TEFLPros proved me dead wrong! TEFLPros has a perfectly complete course, enough to equip any future and aspiring teacher! I am a Professional Double-Licensed Teacher but the TEFLPros course made me a fully prepared, well-educated and real teacher! Thank you so much!”

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